Looking onward to a brand new year!

Natalia and I took 2 weeks off to stop and think. No, really. We needed to re-charge and re-focus our vision for the future:) Next month we celebrate our 3-year anniversary since first launching Closer to Love Photography and to see how far we’ve come is quite incredible. Needless to say, 2012 was amazing in every way, but also A LOT of work. This past year was our busiest yet! (Whoever said Photography was "easy" was a bit misinformed! But I'll save that topic for an entirely different post, haha.)

Accomplishments in 2012:

➤ Photographed 32 Weddings
➤ Photographed 34 Engagement Sessions
➤ Photographed in multiple states (Utah, New York, Texas)
➤ Over 50% of our Weddings that we photographed were featured in other respected Wedding Blogs
➤ Published for the first time in 4 Wedding Magazines, 3 from the UK
➤ Named as one of Le Magnifique’s “Top 15 Photographers To Watch in 2013” 

Whew! God is good!

As we sat and thought about all the blessings we’ve received in 2012, we glanced over our 2013 schedule and realized that we are in for another rollercoaster. As of now, 2013 will find us photographing Weddings in distant lands, such as: Soliman Bay, Mexico, Jamaica, Pennsylvania and Texas. We currently have 27 Weddings booked for this year and can only book a handful more to ensure that we take care of all of our couples and that they receive the undivided attention they so deserve. Our clients always come first!

These last 2 weeks were the only really moments we had to relax, reflect, and plan for 2013. It was quite enjoyable, but also difficult at times. When you’re used to working, working, working, sometimes sitting and relaxing is the last thing on your mind! That’s definitely where I found myself – eager to get back to work and get things done. But, I refused and instead decided to turn off my phone, lock our studio door - and think, reflect, pray, and plan.

And let me tell you: That time was just what I needed!

We are sooooo excited for this year and all that we’ve resolved to accomplish. Our main goals this year are quite simple:

1. In God’s name
2. By God’s strength
3. For God’s glory

Simple, right? We’re depending on the Lord to guide and carry us to a bright and successful 2013. These last 2 weeks were a time to remind ourselves that we are representing Jesus (In God’s name), which means our work should be impeccable, amazing, breath-taking, inspiring! More beautiful than ever, and to speak louder than ever before. We’re excited to push ourselves creatively even further this year, like never before (By God’s strength). To create, capture, and document beautiful love wherever we may be! And most importantly, to point onlookers upwards, to the One who has blessed us with all our talents and gifts! (For God’s glory)

We are so excited and ready for this journey and the challenge! This will be a year like none before. Keep following us for the ride! We appreciate each and every one of you! And if you have the time, please say a prayer for Closer to Love:) We truly appreciate all your encouragement and kind words!

Here’s to new beginnings!



Engagement Photos in Review - 2012

We gift every couple of ours with a complimentary Engagement Session because we feel it is important for our future brides & grooms to have an opportunity to connect with us on a deeper level, as well as allow them the opportunity to get more comfortable in front of the camera before the actual Wedding Day. When their Wedding Day arrives, it is our desire that they see friends photographing their special day, not strangers.

As we browsed through the many Engagement Sessions we've photographed this year, we couldn't help but feel incredibly blessed to have met each and every one of our couples. This year we found ourselves near and far, from New York to Laguna Beach, Texas to San Francisco. As we reflect on where God has taken us this year, we are eternally grateful to have shared a piece of our lives with these amazing couples. We are thankful for each and every one of them!

Below we've compiled a small collection of some of our favorite Engagement photographs that we had the honor of capturing in 2012. We are blown away at how incredible this year has been! We're still trying to make sense of it all:)

Excited for 2013!
Sammy + Natalia 




"Love bears all things, believes all things,
hopes all things, endures all
things. Love never fails."
1 Corinthians 13:4-8


Featured in Wedding Flowers Magazine UK

Yesterday we unexpectedly came across a yellow package sent all the way from the UK - we quickly opened the package and before us was the January/February 2013 Issue of UK's "Wedding Flowers" Magazine. We were so excited to see our photos from Charlotte and David's Wedding printed in this highly respected Wedding magazine! Thank you Wedding Flowers Magazine for the honor! We are SO thankful! 



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Our precious Saylah at 17 months

My dear Saylah,

You are now 17 months old and so precious to us. I cannot express in words what a sense of joy, LOVE, and fulfillment you bring to your mother and I. We are so blessed to be your parents. This month you are getting so much smarter, cuter, and more amazing than ever before. I know we say that all the time, but it's true!! I can't believe how beautiful you are getting every single day! You still love to smile so big with your pearly white teeth, and you love to laugh so much. Your mother and I can't get enough of you!!

It's Christmas-time and last week we went to Downtown Brea to watch all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood. You loved it. Watching you admire all the lights was a sight to see! You were so excited and you just love LIFE. We love you. We are thankful to have you with us this Christmas season because you are the best gift God could have given us - after Jesus, of course:) May you always treasure Jesus as the best gift ever given, Saylah. He is the ONLY source of HOPE in this world - trust me:) You will encounter so many joys in life, but there will also be quite a bit of trials and heartaches. Always remember that Jesus is by your side and He became a child, dwelled among us to show us that He cares and knows our hurts as well. He can relate to our EVERY need! Always cling to Him through your happy times and most importantly through your sad times. We love you so much and desire only the best for your beautiful life.

You have so much purpose even at a young age, and I'm excited to see what God does IN and THROUGH you. Right now, I predict you will be a singer/dancer/soccer player/photographer/LEADER:) We'll see what God has in store. No matter what, we will ALWAYS be proud of you. We love you so much. You are our medicine that makes us so happy even when we are feeling down... Not only us, but so many other people, including your grandparents who love you sooo much! You are our special angel:)


Merry CHRISTMAS my beautiful angel,



"I have no greater joy than to hear
that my children are walking in the truth."

3 John 1:4