Rebecca + Ali Married | Los Angeles, CA

Rebecca and Ali met in early 2003 through work... Four wonderful years later, and Ali proposed on a trip with Rebecca to Jamaica. Ali lights up any room he walks into, loves to laugh and loves to make others laugh in the process. Rebecca is just so genuine and kind, a real pleasure to be with - both are equally hospitable and considerate. They compliment each other so perfectly!

Their Wedding Day was truly beautiful. Tears, smiles, and laughter filled their entire Day and we could not have been more grateful to capture it all! Below is a collection of our favorites. Enjoy!



"Two are better than one..."
Ecclesiastes 4:9 

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Featured in UK Wedding Magazine!

We received UK's December|January 2013 "Wedding Magazine" in the mail this morning and it features a 4-page spread from Tina + Andrew's Wedding that we photographed this past July! We are still trying to soak it all in! This is our FIRST spread feature in a real, physical magazine that we can touch and feel - and it feels surreal! We are living out our dream and we couldn't be happier.



Styled Session with Timeless Love Events

After the extremely successful Malibu Styled Session this past July, we knew we HAD to work with Southern California based Event Styling team, Timeless Love Events again. We brainstormed our ideas and creating a Fall/Winter-Inspired Styled Session came to life. The search for the perfect model Bride + Groom began and we got in contact with a past Bride (whose Wedding we photographed earlier this year) because she and her husband know EVERYONE in Southern California, it seemed:) Ashley recommended Dani and Dominic and we're so glad she did. Dani and Dominic were actually on the hit CBS reality show, Big Brother - Season 13. We didn't have an opportunity to meet these two until the day of shooting. We met them at our home studio and they were so friendly, sweet, and easy-going from the very beginning. With the combination of the perfect couple and the perfect team to create such a beautiful Session, we knew we were just about to capture something incredible.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to each and every one of you involved: from the planning, to creating, to working behind the scenes or in front of the camera – THANK YOU! We are forever indebted to your hard work and kindness! We could not have done this without every person involved!  


Wedding Styling + Florals: Timeless Love Events -
Custom Jewelry: Trigger Jewelry -
Dessert Bar: Liz’s Sweetest Suite -
Hair + Make-Up: Nina Hirales – 562-355-4419
Photography: Closer to Love Photography –



Photos courtesy of the incredibly talented Brian Evans of Brian Evans Photography


A special Thank You to Timeless Love Events for putting together such a beautiful Styled Session. Thank you for dedicating an entire month to planning, creating, preparing, setting-up and tearing-down! All the hard work does not go unnoticed - we don't know how you do it! Thank you to Alycia and your team for being the BEST in the business and for giving Closer to Love the honor of working along-side you!

Thank you to Nina Hirales for contributing your talent of hair and make-up to make an already-beautiful Bride even more radiant.

Thank you to our models Daniele and Dominic for being such a sweet and amazing couple to photograph!!! We are so thankful to have met you both and look forward to being life-long friends!

Thank you to Liz for the incredibly delicios Sweet Suite! Wow, we were so impressed not only by the design of the desserts, but by how delicious it all tasted!

Thank you to Andreea Moldovan for styling our beautiful Bride and ensuring that she looked picture-perfect for the Session.

Thank you to Brian Evans for taking time out of your Saturday to capture behind-the-scenes images - you gave us more than we ever expected.

Thank you Ashley Garrett for recommending such a perfect couple for the Session. You and Memphis will always be embedded in our hearts as one of the sweetes couples we've had for 2012. You both are awesome!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to absolutely EVERYONE involved, those named and those behind the scenes. This could not have been possible without you. Thank you!!


Why I love my toddler | Saylah at 16 months

My Dear Saylah,

Happy 16 months! Your Daddy and I have been blessed with 16 amazing, spontaneous, spunky, and full-of-life months with you. We have written you every month since you entered this world, and we plan to continually do so. You have been the most beautiful part of our day every day and we simply cannot get enough of you. Ever. Each month you are blossoming into a beautiful, creative, young girl and I am so amazed at all you are learning to do. I love so many things about you and our special mommy-daughter time together. I want to let you know of a few of those things so that when you grow bigger you will read all about them and know that you have a Mommy that loves you so very much! So here we go my dear one—

-I love how before the sun rises you wake up with a little whimper (well, ok…lets be honest… a loud cry or shout) waking Mommy up so that I can take you out of your crib so you can cuddle with Daddy and I before the world wakes up.

-I love how when its time to wake up you don’t want to waste any precious time – it’s time to start the day with some good breakfast (well, according to us it’s good, but for you it just doesn’t make sense…all you want is a bottle of milk, but c’mon we all must face the fact that you are a “big” girl now and real food is for “big” girls) and Devotion time with Daddy.

-I love how you get so giddy when we enter the gym and you hear the cool music, because you know that means its time for you to have a couple hours of fun while mommy gets in her work-out—but the BEST part is when its time to leave and I come to pick you up from childcare and the face you give me lets me know that even if you could have all the toys in the world, it wouldn’t be the same if your mommy isn’t there to play alongside you. Being in my arms beats any toy, any day.

…Oooohhhh…here comes the good part…

-I love how when it’s time for naptime we either take a walk or lay side-by-side in the bed and listen to Newborn Lullabies until we doze off together in our oh-so-sweet-dreams. And there we rest together, because we know once we wake up the fun will only continue…at an even elevated level.

-I love how playtime involves reading. Lots and lots of books…the BEST part...they are Christ centered books.

-I love how you wait expectantly for Daddy to enter the door after his work day is over, so that you can run into his arms and feel like the only girl that matters to him.

(I’ll be fair and say you’re the only “girl” that matters to him, and I’m the only “woman” that matters to him…is that ok?)

-I love how we all gather around the dinner table and say a thanksgiving prayer…and yes…even you! You are already learning how to fold your hands and bow your head!!!! We are soooo proud. But I know the Jesus is most proud of all!

-I love how after dinner we dance, and sing, and dance, and sing, and sing, and sing, and read more books…. And then the BEST part…alone time with Daddy as he gives you a bath! He makes the most of it because he knows you will soon be too old to appreciate that anymore. HAHA.

And the BEST of the entire list: When you kiss Daddy goodnight and spend the remainder of your day with Mama. As I tuck you in your bed, give you your sweet bottle, sing “Jesus Loves Me this I know…” and say a prayer to God for all our loved ones, all their needs, and a prayer that you would grow into the Godly woman God desires you to be, that you would love justice and mercy, and walk humbly with our Lord. That you would know Him at a young age, that He would reveal His purposes for your life at a young age, and that you would love Him with all that is within you and more. 

Saylah, these are only the few reasons why I love you. I still haven’t mentioned how you love to blow us kisses, and love to chat with us like we are your best friends, and how you love kids, and oh so much more! I am so excited for the upcoming days, and weeks, and months, and years. I can’t even imagine how much we will experience. But I know it will be wonderful. I love you so dearly. With all my heart. With all that is within me and more. I desire only beautiful and lovely things to happen for you in your life. Remember that I am always here for you. I always pray for you. And I desire that you love Jesus Christ with all your being and choose Him above anyone and anything. For when the heavens pass away, all His scars will still remain. And forever they will say, how much He loves you.

Your blessed and full of joy Mother.


"I thank my God every time I remember you."

Philippians 1:3

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