Welcome, welcome, welcome! It is our joy to officially welcome you to our NEW BLOG! We are excited to finally have a professional blog up and running! We are still new to the blogging realm of things, because believe it or not, the "photography world" has changed dramatically in such a short period of time! But Natalia and I are very excited to launch this new blog, and we will be updating it very frequently. We have this cool new company so it's so much easier to post!

I'll go ahead and attempt to quickly keep you up to speed with all things "Closer to Love" :)

We have been busy. I have never photographed as much as I have in 2010 (we're only in May... still more to go!) But we are so grateful for all the amazing people, families, and smiles we've encountered in these short yet memorable months. God truly is faithful and we are overwhelmed with gratitude and a sense of feeling overly blessed. We've been booked every week since April and we truly love it! Natalia is doing amazing in her photography class -- she inspires me with her great eye and beautiful perspective. I hope to take a class with her next semester so we can learn and grow together. I know that the best is yet to come. We are getting ready to photograph my brother's wedding in just a few weeks - May 29th to be exact, and after a break from Wedding photography, Natalia and I are full of ideas, enthusiasm, and excitement to capture Eli & Damaris' Big Day. 

Stay tuned for what's in store. We have TONS, and I really do mean: TONS of photographs. We will post them soon along with our perspective on each photo session. Like I said, we've been very fortunate and can't wait to share our stories with you.

Thanks for stopping by. We appreciate your encouragement and support.
Until the next blog post...
God bless:)

p.s. Since we are on the topic of new beginnings, I'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the Cosa family. Her name is Sarah Rebeca and Natalia and I had the privilege of capturing her while on our recent trip to Arizona just a couple weeks back. We will post more from our niece's newborn session soon. She's cute, I just had to post a photo of her... Enjoy!





“Having nothing yet possessing everything.”
2 Corinthians 6:10

Thankfulness humbles me. I realize that everything I have could not have been given to me without the Lord’s hand moving towards the direction of grace. As mere humans we tend to neglect, forget, or ignore the true meaning of what giving thanks entitles. Giving thanks is not something done once a year on a particular November day, nor an utterance of words done out of mere impulse. Giving thanks is setting aside time and realizing that all that you have is given to you by God’s hand which daily reaches down to pour His grace upon your life. Simplicity is beautiful. Although searched by many it is found by so little. Simplicity is a treasure found only when one allows the Creator to enter the burdensome heart. When Simplicity is discovered true thankfulness unveils. For it is only then that one realizes that although they have nothing, or hold very little, it is in that moment that they have Everything. Having Everything brings one to true thanksgiving.

Acknowledge what you hold while it is here. While you can touch it. When you can see it. Don’t wait to know what you have only when it is gone. When you no longer have its grasp. A life absent from a heart of thanksgiving leaves one paralyzed to the Lord’s abundant blessings that lie ahead. Take advantage of every opportunity you encounter and every smile you can give away. Live today in passion for the Glorious Unseen.

Search for Simplicity and when you have found it, hold it near. Know God sees the simple things done out of a pure heart and cherishes them for eternity.

Live today being thankful for everything you have. The seen, the unseen and everything in between.

“It's the beauty of simplicity
That brings me down to my knees
I'll Praise You for eternity
And Lord I love You
because You, You first loved me

It's the beauty of simplicity
that fills me with eternity
I tasted Your divinity
and Lord I love You
Because You, You first loved me.”

- Telecast

Damaris & Eli [wedding date: May 29. 2010]
Giving thanks for two lives soon to be joined and never separated.

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