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If it bends, bend it

Whether it’s a Bride, a Groom, a group, or an individual, posing your “model” is essential, and something a photographer should strive to be an expert in. Posing isn’t always necessary, but there will come a time when you will definitely (and I mean DEFINITELY) need it.

The first thing we tell our client(s) before we take hundreds of snap-shots of them is, “Be yourself. Pretend like we aren’t here!” For a couple in love, the first 5 minutes may be a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera, but after a little time passes, they are totally opposite! After about the first 10 minutes our clients are so comfortable and we love capturing those real moments where they are hugging, laughing, and enjoying being in each other's arms. Generally a session is 1-2 hours long. During that time you’re going to want to add some creative ideas - perhaps posed shots. Maybe the Groom dipping his Bride as they slow dance, or a  group jumping up and down on the count of three. Whatever the pose, it sure will add a twist of fun and add some excitement to your photos.

Today’s tip: If it bends, bend it.

One of my favorite poses is when a Bride looks over her shoulder as she is walking or when a Groom bends one leg against a wall as his eyes fall in love with his soon-to-be wife. Whatever your favorite pose is, perfect it. Adjust your model to fit your vision. Assure them that they are doing great and they are looking beautiful. And then gently instruct them to firmly place an arm on their hip, or to look intensely over their shoulder... to simply give their best! You won’t be disappointed and most importantly your client will love the final results. 

Find the angles that work best with your client. Each person is different, so work in such a way that you capture their best qualities. Take chances and position them in creative ways. At first the shot may not turn out how you first pictured it, but be patient and try again. And always, ALWAYS assure your model that they are doing a great job. If you aren't liking the pose and you express it through your facial expressions or with your speech, your model's confidence will drop and it will reflect in the photographs. So be encouraging and work in such a way that your model is constantly assured that they look great.

Have fun the next time you photograph a client. Give your best, be unique, and you will see amazing results!

Until next time, 

Below is a preview of our model Giorgio from our recent trip to Italy. After our Wedding Session, we were also fortunate to photograph Giorgio individually. Tomorrow we will feature his shoot in our blog.

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