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Define your Style

Before understanding what defines your style, you first need to understand what style is. To better understand style you need to embrace the photographer that you are. Browse through your images and point out your strengths. Maybe you enjoy creating photojournalistic images, or perhaps you love simple portraiture. You may admire photographing fashion, models, or nature. Whatever the passion of your eye, focus on deepening the meaning of your captured moments. I truly believe that every image should tell a story. 

Before marrying Sammy I always felt that his images were very special and uniquely uncovered. I love how God placed it on my heart to partner with him as a husband-wife team. Now together we are creating images that reflect our style. 

Something Sammy told me a few weeks ago will always remain with me. I was looking over some moments Sammy captured of a previous wedding and I said, "Sammy I love how you capture memories, they are very creative and they stand out." And he responds back saying,

"God's people should be the most creative, because we see things from His eyes now."

That response will always be with me when I capture memories. I will remember to see things in the eyes of my Creator. He created people in such a profound way and even nature...oh, I could go on an on how nature is so beautifully designed! But I believe that as His child I now see things the way He wants me to: detailed, expressive, deep, and beautiful.  

This then is what defines our style. As Sammy & Natalia of Closer to Love Photography our ultimate desire is to bring glory to our Maker and King by capturing moments the way He created them to be. We love stopping a moment in time that displays true emotion, endless expression, and deep love. What daily drives our passion is seeing gratitude in the eyes of our clients and hearing words like, "I never thought we could hold memories like this." We want to give our clients what no one else can: priceless memories. We want our clients to obtain only the best of our work. We promise to give them true expression, creative energy, and deep love. 

As a photographer I want to encourage you to find your style. Run with that style and create images no one else ever has. For a while there has been a perception that photographers must conform to tradition. But this is not true. Don't conform to one photographer's style just because you feel they have higher clientele than you do. Find your own style and work on developing it every time you press down on that shutter release. You just might be surprised; a client will love your work because it's you: freshly unique. 

Final Tips for defining your style:

-Have a little bit of you in every shoot.

-Connect and experience the moment for yourself. 

-Create images that tell a story. What is it that you want your images to say?

-Show your clients what they otherwise would not have noticed for themselves.

-Be passionate. What drives you? 

-When you see the perfectly right moment, capture it. You'll never regret raw emotion. 

-Remember this Style Equation: Passion+Emotion+Decisive Moment=Style.



This preview of Sandy and Ignacio's Anytime Session expresses our definite style. We wanted to express the true definition of their love: fresh, growing, and endless. Their love is one that has grown immensely over the last couple of years and we can not wait for tomorrow's blog dedicated to their inspirational love story.

"I will declare that your love stands firm forever..."
Psalm 89:2

Reader Comments (4)

This is a wonderful post and a reminder for photographers of all levels. Thank you for this!

September 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDamaris Mia

I love what you said, and that is a stunning image : )

September 15, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCaroline Ghetes

love this post. may we, photographers, take this and apply- i know i will

September 16, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterjenny

Thank you girls! You all have encouraged me so much! May God continue to bless the talent and style He has gifted you with. -Natalia

September 16, 2010 | Registered CommenterCloser to Love

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