When the time arrived for us to begin our journey in finding the most modern, simple, classic, and beautiful Wedding Album out there, only one company captured our attention and met our every expectation. KISS. We fell in love with our Album choice the very first time we saw them. We are extremely picky when it comes to the products we use because we want nothing but the BEST for our clients! Their simple, classic design fit with our belief that YOUR wedding album is your family treasure and should look timeless from generation to generation. So we wanted Simple. Classic. Clean. And of course: Beautiful. The Albums we offer come in 10x10 and 12x12 sizes for the Bride and Groom along with a fun 4x4 size for family and friends! There’s so much we can say about the Album, but we’ll allow the photos to do the talking:)


Your Wedding Photos are a timeless treasure.

When you receive your Wedding Album, you receive priceless memories.




The Wedding Album.

The Album is wrapped in swank, beautiful, cloth dust-cover—no cardboard boxes
will give these Albums justice!

 Our Wedding Albums come in seven different colors:Black, White, Blue, Green, Brown, Passion Pink and Red.   

 QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY. All of our Wedding Albums are warrantied for LIFE. If there's a manufacturer's defect, our Album’s company will repair or replace it at no cost. There is less than .05% return rate for any kind of defect! We offer quality Albums, guaranteed.

Our Wedding Albums use only 100% full-grain, natural leathers selected for their
grains, strength, and quality. Full-grain hides feel better and are more attractive
than imitation, bonded-leather covers.

The thickness of each page is just right! 2mm, including the substrate
and print mounted on both sides. Each pages is durable with a beautiful finish.


The Inside.

Each page is personally designed by Sammy.
Your love-story will be portrayed beautifully and designed with full attention to detail.

We don't like to see a beautiful photo cut down the middle, so our Albums
have a micro-fold – not a cut. The binding lays beautifully flat, so each spread
can be presented in all of its glory.


More than just an album.



A true testimonial.

"It’s hard to take everything in on the day of your wedding: the colors, the details, all the smiles; everything you’ve dreamt of for months. On my wedding day, I felt like the day flashed by. But, I was blessed because I had Sammy and Natalia capturing all that I couldn’t absorb. They effortlessly snapped away, collecting all details, capturing the tears and joys, and preserving the endless memories. When I looked through our album, I saw it all, as if our wedding day was playing all over again, just for us to see. I sensed the excitement of that day, remembered our bliss, and felt my dreams come true once again. I have no words to describe the wondrous gift Sammy and Natalia gave Eli and me through their photography. It is more than what words can say, for it truly is a treasure of the heart." - Damaris Cosa